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We have created an event sharing Google calendar so that people can easily find interesting and relevant events happening across the UK in one place!

If you want to submit an event to the calendar, please submit a post in UK Mutual Aid or use the contact form here on our website. Submissions are only accepted if you are a member of UK Mutual Aid group.

Disclaimer: Any member of UK Mutual Aid can submit an event to be featured on the Events Calendar, this does not mean we as admins can vouch for the organisers or participants. We will only accept event submissions that follow the UK Mutual Aid rules and guidelines but from there its up to individuals to assess if an event is for them or not. Please be aware and respectful of events that may only be for certain groups of people or communities.

UK Mutual Aid and Notts Activist Wellness events will have a note saying they are events that include us or are run by us.